MyStart Revolver Variable Voltage eGo 900mAh Battery


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Product Description

Mystart Revolver Variable Voltage eGo 900mAh BatteryMystart Revolver Battery will hold the Voltage level
to the end of the charge life.Game Changer Battery.

Why spin, when you can join the vaping revolution with our
new Mystart Revolver?
Made by the same company who makesVision.

Our top of the line new Variable Voltage Battery features
a higher quality microchip, more secure internal connections as
well as reliable performance and amazing vapor production.
If you liked the Vision spinner, you’ll love the upgraded construction
and new design of the Mystart Revolver.

Spin to Dial in the Voltage

Detail Information:

  • Tread Size 510
  • Mystart Revolver eGo Battery 900mah
  • Made by : MyStart
  • Adjustable Voltage 3.2 and 4.8 Volts..Dial in Voltage
  • Choose any of the Five colors below.
  • Black ~ Blue ~ Steel ~ Purple ~ Red
  • Charge With eGo Charger Only Mystart eGo Charger Set


Charging Set Voltage on Battery to 4.2Volts 

When Charging the Button will light up


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